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What do a cheap printer and this sports car have in common?
October 16, 2008, 8:28 pm
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There’s a few things about this car which make it a marketing goldmine::

This is the Venturi Volage Roadster, unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show.

The obvious first:: It’s sleek. It’s futuristic. It’s hott. (Yes, with a double t.)
The bonuses:: Fully electric. Top speed about 160mph. Zero to sixty in under five seconds.

And what has this marketing geek so intrigued?

The car has ‘Active Wheel technology’, meaning that much of the usual contents of the chassis has been moved to the wheel envelope. Each wheel has its own dual electric motors, suspension and brakes.

In terms of performance, this means you get more control over all four wheels and a lower centre of gravity which explains the better performance of the car.

In marketing terms, they’ve just created a much more profitable segment in consumables.

It’s been a general trend in electronics, most noticeably printers, to make the most margins on consumables. Printers have become ridiculously cheap – but that’s okay for the company, the unit itself is a one-off purchase. Most of their money is made through ink cartridges, which are an ongoing source of income. After all, if your printers are so good then consumers shouldn’t be needing to replace them, should they? So the price of ink has been increasing, with cartridges sometimes being more expensive than the printers themselves.

That’s what the Venturi Volage will do. While I’m sure the car won’t be cheap – prices haven’t been announced for its 2012 release – the company will make even more when their speed-loving customers wear out their tyres and have to pay a premium for the only people who know how to make and replace them.

Perfect blend of technology and marketing savvy.

[For more pictures and specs of the Venture Volage Roadster, see here.]


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