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Doom and gloom
October 13, 2008, 9:15 am
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When someone says that the shit has hit the fan…what kind of fan do you imagine?

Okay, hold that thought.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a ridiculously large pile of money for the last month or so, you don’t need me to tell you that the shit HAS hit the fan for the global economy.

Online marketers have taken the opportunity to tout this as the ‘death of advertising’ – traditional advertising that is. It’s not difficult logic. Online campaigns are generally cheaper to implement, which is good when you’re struggling for cash.

But let’s take it back a step.

Contraction of the economy means lower consumer demand for the same number of players. Competition goes up. And suddenly, it’s survival of the fittest – or in marketing terms, survival of the differentiators.

I think we’ll see an increase in online advertising, but it could be limited::

  • a lot of target groups aren’t online anyway;
  • it takes time to build a presence on the web to ensure that you aren’t just ambient noise, and the gap will need to be filled elsewhere; as well as
  • if everyone shifts to online, the differentiators will be using traditional media (albeit in new ways).

As an emerging marketer I’m more concerned about the job loss – companies are starting to shed even their accountants, so it’s not a good time for jobhunting.

It’s a better time to be an independent contractor but with little experience it’s hard to gain credibility.

I’m hoping that companies realise; now is the time to make investments. In brand equity. In people. When everyone else is panicking and overlooking the opportunities that do come up in a crisis, it’s your time to step up (if you have the resources).

And back to that question…

Most people say ceiling fan. Another large number say desk fan. Nobody says a hand-held fan, a standing fan, an exhaust fan, or a music fan.

You know, it might all have gone to shit, but you can still be creative.


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