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Twitter in 140 words or less
October 5, 2008, 12:27 pm
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Name katherineliew
Location Australia
Web http://katherinel…
Bio Like Ogilvy, believes in long copy.

@twitter Signed up to you to see what the big fuss was. Revolutionising the internet? Aren’t you just the updating part of the mini-feed that made Facebook popular? Ooh, but other people can reply. Radical. Like IM where you can have a public chat with yourself, AND other people. But why 140? Hello world, this is my life as an SMS?  Is ‘following’ like an official version of Facebook stalking? How are you meant to keep up with conversations? How does anyone have the attention span to ‘follow’ over 3000 people? I’M STILL CONFUSED.

about time to study from web


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I think everyone signs up to Twitter thinking the same thing, but after you spend a few weeks on it you slowly start to realise its usefulness and potential.

Give it time.

Comment by Zac Martin

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