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Soup musings
September 26, 2008, 11:48 pm
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‘Canned food is dead food.
Food in tetrapacks stays fressssh.’

It sounds a bit simplistic, but that’s the insights into underlying consumer perceptions which led to Campbell’s putting their soup into tetrapacks, according to the book I’m reading at the moment (Added Value by Mark Sherrington). The soup was then perceived as being fresher and tastier, because of a simple change in packaging.

After a conversation about how to brand a bank, I’ve been wondering…

What if you used semiotic cues to liken bank branches to bars?

Both have security guards and a long service counter which is the main point of interaction… The difference is, one makes people distinctly uncomfortable where the other allows them to relax. Now obviously banks aren’t going to start serving alcohol, but creating some of the feel of a bar would encourage more people to relax, and make what is often a chore or a stressful experience much more pleasant.

What’s in it for the bank? A happy customer is going to be a more loyal customer, for a start. Plus a client at ease is going to be a little more open to persuasion with that loan and little less likely to challenge that account servicing fee. And while encouraging more face-to-face transactions (as opposed to ATMs) may mean that they spend more on employing service staff, those that charge over-the-counter transaction fees won’t be complaining…

Banks are an essential service and can be quite secure in their customer base, but to become complacent about the customer experience and not invest in it is to go backwards…

On a random note, why is L’Oreal’s hair care range Elseve in France and Asia, but Elvive elsewhere?


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