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Silly rabbit…
September 24, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Things I can’t believe at the moment::

1) A yoghurt claiming to contain cultures that aid digestion, aptly called ‘digestivus culturus’. (I didn’t know it was kosher to segment by IQ nowadays…) Only beaten by ‘Happyderm’ facial cream a year or so back, which claimed to have ‘happy particles’ which are absorbed into your skin.

2) Withdrawal of White Rabbit candies from the market due to the milk scares in China. In retrospect, big argument for having a CSR manager. In the current view, huge need for a PR manager.

3) An air freshener brand specifically naming a competitor in their claims that they remove germs from the air (not just the smell). They must really believe that the opposing brand they named owns the market to take that kind of risk. Honestly, the main difference I can see is that the new brand removes small nappy logos from the animated air.


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