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September 17, 2008, 2:28 am
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Apparently in South Australia, = The Advertiser = Sunday Mail = AdelaideNow…

As part of an ongoing rebranding effort, SA’s long-running Advertiser paper is having a logo change soon.

Now the current logo looks something like this::

According to the announcement in the Australian, the logo is outdated and ‘the font does not belong to any known font family’.

I’m a little confused. Isn’t being distinctive an advantage?

While perhaps giving a ye olde world feel, the logo has been part of the Advertiser brand for a long time, and is instantly recognisable wherever it is distributed.

However, the rebranding will see the Advertiser logo join the ranks of ‘modern’ fonts with something which will no doubt be carefully selected from Word and only mildly serifed.

I really believe that this will lose a lot of the character that the brand has built, at least in the short term. It may just become yet another tabloid on the newsstand. However, I suspect that the transition is just another step to renaming the paper altogether. The official website for the paper has changed from to – which hardly features the Advertiser logo at all, featuring a very Arial-esque ‘AdelaideNow’ banner.

In fact, what is essentially the same news service to South Australia now goes under the three lables of ‘The Advertiser’, ‘Sunday Mail’ and ‘AdelaideNow’. Anyone else confused?


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haha! babe, soon you’ll be discussing the kerning and indistinguishability in non-serifed fonts and eco-friendly colors being used in these green friendly companies! trebuchet MT, anyone?

the wabbit.

Comment by thewabbit

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