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Personal branding II:: differentiation tactics
September 6, 2008, 8:17 pm
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How far would go/what would you do to get a marketing job?

You’d be a pretty bad marketer if you couldn’t sell the product you know best:: yourself.

It’s one of the things I absolutely love about marketing, that you can do completely crazy things with your job applications and it actually counts in your favour. Making them notice you just demonstrates that you’re good at what you do. Filling out forms online for a job at the iBank of the moment? What does that tell you about the position?

I’ve heard various stories; camping outside offices, creating a personal ‘little red book’, building large novelty objects.

They’re all attention grabbers, and therefore probably great for advertising, but each of these would say something different about you and what you can do for the organisation.

The very best stunts are those that demonstrate what you can do. If you’re trying to say you can advertise, advertise. If you’re trying to say you’re a social media expert, demonstrate your abilities with social media. If you’re trying to say you can strategise, create a strategically-oriented application. It will stand out not just because it’s different but because it shows you know what you’re doing.

The last app I did up was to intern at one of the major ad agencies in planning…ironically it was how I realised I loved branding. They called me in for an interview and basically said, we can give you a shot in planning. But we think you might be more interested in our associated branding agency. As it turned out, I was. [Unfortunately after confirming the internship, they restructured and could no longer take me. Gotta love the business world.]

I did get asked by a (non-marketing) friend whether doing a non-standard application would count against me with a company…and you know what? If I’ve misjudged them and they reject me for being creative, then they’re not the type of company that I want to work for in the first place.

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I think I fall into the “building large novelty objects” category, but I’m trying to tie in a digital element to kind of show my area of interest…

Interesting post.

Comment by Zac Martin

Loving the building of large novelty objects.
From memory, you were going to have a website on it as well?
And surely every advertising agency worth its salt needs large novelty objects built occasionally as well…

Comment by katherineliew

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