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IFC:: Integrated Facebook Communications
September 3, 2008, 9:58 pm
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Continuing on the topic of facebook advertising, I was just debating today whether or not Facebook is a separate culture that you could study ethnographically.

Here’s an attempt to take a different look at Facebook for advertisers. Feedback would be appreciated!

Would suggest that Facebook is primarily a tool for multi-national brands which are looking to improve awareness.

User-User interactions::

Positive content interactions (where brands should be seeking to add value)

  • FunWall, SuperPoke, Gifts (and all related apps), bumper stickers, quizzes

Data/personal info interactions (which brands should try and gain feedback from, but never interfere with)

  • wall posts, messages

User-Content interactions:: 

[NOTE: this is classified by the realities of user habits, NOT by possible interaction]

User as consumer of content (where brands can leave passive information)

  • ads, groups, fan pages

User as producer of content (if you’ve done your work right, your results should start showing up here!)

  • profile info, photos, status updates

User as prosumer of content

  • posted items, notes

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