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Personal branding:: the next big thing?
September 1, 2008, 6:07 pm
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Maybe it’s just because I’ve been thinking about jobs lately, but I think the next big trend might be personal branding.

At the ‘how to get a job in marketing’ talk at Marketing Week, it was mentioned that going to recruitment consultants is the obvious way to go but not necessarily the best. Like a company listing in the Yellow Pages. What’s the value proposition? What are the values that define you as a brand?

A lot of things are now being sold on pure cult of personality, mostly celebs. Paris. Beckham. Posh. You all know who I’m talking about, and they turnover product purely through personality. Why? They’ve established a personal brand with massive brand equity

Personal branding is more effective for social marketing, too. It’s easier to stand for something, to be trusted, and to interact with your target market, if you’re an individual with a recognisable personality. Just ask Perez. Or Xiaxue. Of course, the downside is that they can’t interact with everyone, which could limit conversations, but it puts more value in those conversations.

Hmm. Sometimes I wonder if Interbrand will measure personal brand equity. Or even blog brand equity…


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