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Make the most of now
August 30, 2008, 1:32 pm
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One company, half the world, a hundred odd different cultures.

How do you maintain a consistent brand whilst customising it over different locations? Here’s a brief look, using mostly Vodafone ads and mobile content services.

The first two are from the UK; they’re both fun, active and entertaining. First up is the British ad for mobile music services, which demostrates straight up exactly what you can use the product for:

The next is Irish, which maintains the active angle but doesn’t use product demo at all. Clear difference in styles that is interesting given the close proximity of the two markets. Granted, it’s a different product and comes under the ‘make the most of now’ banner, but when you watch the ad try and imagine British people doing this; I can’t.

However, the same product has a different approach yet again in Australia/NZ. The Australian ad goes for product demostration again, but tries to be creative about it. It has much more individualistic concept than the Irish ad and the sentiment is more about connecting with what you love than just having fun.

The New Zealand ad, a bit like the Irish one, takes a concept (in this case trying to portray the possibilities in the modern world) and then links it to the Vodafone brand. I think it makes the best use of the slogan, but doesn’t do much demonstration at all…

However, it’s when you get to Asia that you see really dramatic differences. The focus is more on a continuing relationship with the brand (where the others show how the product helps you make relationships). The product may be shown but it’s more an implicit demostration of the brand being your best friend. Shown by the dog, in this Indian ad:

This Singaporean ad is for Starhub, but I find it interesting as well… Firstly, it goes for aspiration to freedom, wealth and love (and only shows open spaces, which are scarce in Singapore). Again, it’s your relationship to the brand. Secondly, with the sizeable Indian population…look out for a dog which is very similar to the one in the ad above!

Lastly, just for laughs…here’s the British ad for Vizzavi WAP email services, which makes product demonstration fun with animation and evil little chicks. (Oh, and kudos for making WAP onomatopoeic.) 


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