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The wrap
August 28, 2008, 11:47 pm
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Another one of those ridiculously long days, which of course included a Marketing Week seminar promising to change my view of marketing forever.

The big revelations?

1. Many stats are misinterpreted because we don’t study consumer behaviour phenomena in a scientific manner.

[Actually this is a bit of a pet annoyance of mine…misinterpretation of stats. You can’t just observe effects, you need to look at causes! Not to mention the ‘Black Swan’ phenomena.] He looked at the double jeopardy phenomena in marketing as well as the stories behind survey answers (a customer might be 100% loyal just because they don’t buy much!).

2. Consumers don’t care about brands as much as branders do. (Aww.) In fact, they don’t really care about brands at all if push comes to shove. Loving the phrases ‘cognitive misers’ and ‘polygamous loyalty’.

Not quite related, but this quote was quite good: ‘Science progresses one retirement at a time.’

I’m not a diehard Kotler fan but the speaker Malcolm Wright had a lot of fun trying to challenge Kotler. It was very ‘forget what you know’. I wasn’t entirely convinced, because if analysing consumer behaviour was that easy to quantify and predict reliably, the world would be a VERY different place. The verdict? It won’t turn you world upside down, but it might be worth knowing about.

That wraps up my attendance at Marketing Week. Some very insightful moments and smooth running overall. Was a little confused by the maze of sponsored stalls on the way in and thought that a little more direction could have been given in general (though at least if you got lost on your way in, there was a stall with donuts and coffee in the middle). Also not entirely sure why Marketing Week is held here or why a venue was chosen that is in the [kinda ex] red light stretch…but it’s been fun.

[Further to my networking post, I did not in fact manage to catch any AMI reps – sorry.]

No response from B&T, but at last check the RSS feed is back up! Don’t care if I had anything to do anything, but thank you!


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