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Professional failure
August 26, 2008, 11:31 pm
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Start with an obscure thought…


Ah, yes, Phil Morton knows how to make a speech. His talk at the AMI Marketing Week Awards Lunch not only had what was potentially the best powerpoint I’ve seen all year, but was also a thinking kickstarter on how to go about applying for jobs in the marketing industry. (It basically comes down to doing your research and having the networks; preparation meeting opportunity.)

He made a huge point about how you sell yourself as a brand (something I’d been thinking a lot about lately, but I’ll post on that soon) and of course, your value proposition.

But I started wondering, what if you realise you’re actually not good at something you love doing?

I suppose your options are 1) try something else, 2) sink into despair and take up a Coke/coke habit or 3) suck it up, try harder, get better.

[I guess… I’m a left a little dispirited by yet another Terrible Tuesday, this one involving general cluelessness, conversation death, and stand-up comedy death. A lot of things just went wrong – which usually isn’t in itself bad, but a lot of things went wrong because I messed them up. But, you know…suck it up, try harder, get better.]

Time for a Coupland quote… ‘Even seasoned recruiters base their first impressions on the basis of fuckability. The second thing they look at is whether you’re competent, and the third thing they see is whether you’re creative in disguising your lack of competence and/or fuckability.’

More on Marketing Week after tomorrow’s seminar, and when I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.


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