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August 25, 2008, 6:17 pm
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Two ads today, going back to my question a while ago about whether the advertising industry can be self-indulgent…

They’re both beautiful paper animations, and have a clever concept, but what’s the message?

To me, the first one is quite distinctively about United but doesn’t say much about the airline, whereas the second has a strong (albeit tripped out) message about the airline’s service but could really have been for anyone.

I suppose when you see them together it might combine the name and the message well, given the distinctive style of the ads, but in practice it would be risky. (There’s a third ad involving an orchestra of sea creatures as you fly across the Atlantic, saying ‘You’ll never see the ocean the same way again’, which is slightly less tripped out than the colour ad, but only just.)

Would also like to see a slogan which ties in better with the whole thing and has a stronger message… It might be ‘time to fly’, United, but tell me why I should pick you!

[If I’m sounding more cynical than usual, I apologise – student society elections this week. And you can tell it’s not the marketing student society too…]


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