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If the shoe fits…
August 21, 2008, 8:17 am
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Still trying to decide whether this ad, called Quest or Cinderella, by Moccona (M&C Saatchi Sydney) is effective or not…

I liked the ad from the first time I saw it; the idea is simple but clever and has been transformed into quite a beautiful piece of film. It plays on the design of the Moccona coffee jar, which is distinct from the other major supermarket brands.

However, reactions have been mixed.

The other person that I saw the ad with was completely confused and had no understanding of the concept. It is NOT for the literally minded. (Resisting the temptation to make comments about size.) Needless to say, the execution and message was completely lost.

Other reactions have been in the ‘okay but not great’ category. The music always wins approval, but those who did understand the idea felt that it didn’t change their perceptions of the coffee, or didn’t say much at all. With the current competition in the coffee market, that’s probably not what Moccona would like to hear.

It’s entirely possible that I have been talking to the wrong target market, but then nobody is quite sure what the intended target market is. Women who know their fairytales, like romance and coffee? (‘If you like frappachinos…and getting caught in the rain…’?) Hmmm…

The ad hasn’t won any prizes that I know of, but it does pose the question… Does the advertising industry create ads that may sacrifice effectiveness for self-indulgence? An ad is made to sell product and build brand. Is this the case here?


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