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Hydrogen-on-demand:: the Scorpion
August 17, 2008, 12:38 pm
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Ronn Motor Companys Scorpion, sourced from autoblog

Ronn Motor Company's Scorpion, sourced from autoblog

 Announced a couple of months ago and due to make its big debut at SEMA in November, the Scorpion by Ronn Motor Company is going to be an interesting product in more than one respect.

The big fuss? The Scorpion combines style and the environmental friendly factor in a vehicle that will still pack a punch.

Now I’m not big on car specs, but I do know that 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds is pretty impressive. With a hydrogen-on-demand system (the Hydrorunner G3 converts water to hydrogen gas to combine with ordinary fuel as needed), the hybrid engine is claimed to have fuel efficiency of up to 40 mpg. (The Toyota Prius, current darling of the luxury/hybrid category, runs at about 40 to 50 mpg, with the new model claimed to get up to 113 mpg.) Not bad for being one of the first to use this particular technology, and hopefully further improvements will allow even better performance.

The design is equally turning heads. Now, it may be working the futuristic angle a little hard. But it definitely compares favourably to the other hybrids on the market. The ‘smart car‘ was distinctive, but even in its prettiest form, it had comparisons to Lego and threats to be physically mishandled. And the Scorpion even makes the Prius look a bit clumsy.

Some people may be disappointed – with less exhaust I would be expecting a quieter vehicle, and it just may not be the sound which appeals to the consumers that this design will attract. (Just try and imagine ‘The Fast and the Furious’ with no vrooming sounds…you might actually have to listen to the dialogue.) However, sports car lovers experiencing carbon-emissions-conscience or worried by escalating fuel prices are sure to love this. At $150,000, it probably won’t be the latter, but nobody’s going to complain about less stops at the petrol station.

We’re a superficial society; we hate sacrificing looks for the environment. So I will be very interested to see how this mix of the two does when it’s released. Apparently a 4-passenger version could be on the way soon, which will be another feather in the cap.

I do find it interesting, though, that most of the environmentally-geared products on the market are targeted at men when most studies indicate that women have a greater social conscience. Do women say one thing and do another? (…just talking about shopping here, please.) Are women not considered to be able to afford the premium branded enviro-friendly products? Well, hey, I’d buy this one.

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